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The Container Home Wishlist

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5 Shipping Container Home Living Necessities

So, you’re interested in taking part in the shipping container living revolution? Then you’ll need to consider these necessities.

Shipping containers make for incredibly dynamic living spaces. They hold up well against both the elements, and organic foes like termites.

Beyond that, they’re a great eco-friendly upcycle.


There’s not much you cannot do in a shipping container conversion, and perhaps most attractive to anyone considering taking part in this new trend is their capacity to lead an off-grid lifestyle.

And just wait until your utility company finds out! (But I’ll get to that later).

Here are a handful of items to put on your off-grid shipping container house wish list!

  1. Toilet

If you’re looking to live off-grid, a typical toilet will not do. You’ve got choices, though!

  • The INCINERATOR! This toilet is like a poo crematorium! No mess, no fuss.
  • The Composting Toilet: Almost as little fuss as the previous, and more eco-friendly!
  • The bowl. No frills with this one. It’s a potty in a box. Yup. Welcome back to your early childhood!
  1. Water Catchment

Swapping a water utility bill for natures’ hydration has never been easier with a good ol’ fashioned water catchment system. If you elevate it, you can also use gravity to make it ideal for your shower –but did you know that in some places in the world it is illegal to catch rain water or not have pipes linked to your local utility?

Preposterous, but true.

..but then again, so is living off the grid! They don’t call it a revolution for nothing.

That’s why so many “tiny house” or container home dwellers put their vehicles on wheels. It allows them to get around weird corporate-friendly laws.


  1. Solar Panels

..and that brings us to our next point! Solar panels are ready for home use, although, electric utility companies may try to use laws to bully you into not giving up your electric power utility bill, either.

Even if you don’t use grid produced electricity, fees can come in the mail depending on where you live. No one said it would be easy to be an eco-warrior.

  1. Grey Water Management

All that water that makes its way down the drain, whether from a sink, or a shower, is called “grey water”.

Grey water can be filtered through earthen materials, gardens, dirt, stones, and the like –and by the time it disperses, it’s no longer harmful to the environment.

It also means you should use eco-friendly products, or make your own soaps, use vinegar for cleaning, and so on.


Alek over at the Tiny House Project has some great tips on how to accomplish effective grey water management, check it out. http://tiny-project.com/what-to-do-with-greywater-from-your-tiny-house/

  1. Drinking Water Purification

All this talk of water can make a person thirsty. After all these sustainable choices, don’t leave out one of the most important; a never ending supply of drinking water.

If you don’t want to dig a well, consider using a Berkey. The technology behind the Berkey is pretty straight forward, and it purifies water, it doesn’t just filter it. You can even make your own!