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Switch Room Containers

What is the product used for?

The switch room containers that we offer are best fitted to all mining sites and those that are located in very distant regions which experience very rough weather conditions. In addition, our switch room containers plus server rooms are movable, certified reliable and competently durable. They are also created to endure tough environmental conditions and they provide very economical ways of distributing power and communications to distant locations.

Who would use this product?

The demand for switch room containers is increasingly becoming so famous today particularly in the construction industry. This demand has something to do with the increased need for portable workshops and offices at nearly all construction sites. Switch room containers are so useful in a myriad of ways and they can be constructed with customized design to perfectly fit every need.

Product Advantages / Benefits

  • Switch room containers are carefully set up to suit customer specifications as well as the requirements in kilowatt loading.
  • The layout of switch room containers are designed with a framework that can be pull apart along its length so to allow easy shipment by road.
  • They are made to be flexible and we are proud to share that we have already set up one in a coal mining site wherein it was elevated by up to 20 meter stance.
  • Our switch room containers are constructed with motor control centers, primary and supplementary power distribution and an isolated automation room.
  • They enable an all-inclusive factory-approved testing method to be executed before shipment which allows minimum onsite commissioning period.

Want to find out more?

If you wish to learn more information concerning our switch room containers products, feel free to contact us through the number we have provided in our website or you may just simply fill in the Quote Form we have provided below and we promise to send you at once the very inclusive price guide of our various products offered specifically our avant-garde switch room containers.

Rest assured that we have helpful staff that shall cater to all your needs and they will be more than glad to handle your concerns in a timely manner.

For several years now, we take pride in being the premier supplier of switch room containers worldwide. Our customers can rest assured that our products and services are identical in the marketplace with superior quality, timely shipment and client-centered approach.