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Shipping Containers to Move or Store your Possessions

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If you are looking to move home soon, whether it is just around the corner, across to the other side of the city, or even an ocean away, using shipping containers is a very good option when it comes to moving your possessions. One of the great benefits of using a shipping container to move your home is that you can order it to be delivered well in advance of your moving date so that you can pack your possessions into the containers over a prolonged period of time, making the job seem much easier. As well as using a shipping container to move your possessions, you also have the option of storing your furniture and belongings as well. Shipping containers are properly ventilated, but the contents are fully protected from the elements as well as being able to be securely locked so nobody can gain access to the containers.

Container Options

There are many different configurations of shipping containers available, which also come in a variety of different sizes. When you are moving home, a general purpose shipping container should be sufficient for your requirements. These are available in different sizes which should allow you to find something with the right capacity for your needs.

  • 8 Foot
  • 10 Foot
  • 20 Foot
  • 40 Foot

Depending on where you will be placing the container prior to loading it, the access to the doors could be an issue if you do not have much free space on your drive or garden. An option which could help with this would be a side opening shipping container, where the entire side of the container will open allowing you access to the inside. On a standard shipping container with doors at the end, the doors will generally open up to 270°. So you will need to work out which style of container is going to work best for the room that you have.

Getting the Container Loaded

Having plenty of time to load the container can allow you to work out the best way to pack everything into it. You will need to set aside essential items such as clothes, crockery, mattresses, and other such things; but you will be able to start dismantling your furniture and loading it onto the container straight away. Beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, toys, and games can all be packed away and loaded prior to your day of moving. Go into each room of your home and make a note of all of the large pieces of furniture which can be taken down and loaded then work out the best way to load it. You will want to keep all of the heavier items on the bottom and make sure that the contents of the container are not going to be able to move around too much so nothing gets damaged. When you have a plan of where to start, you can take apart all of the heavier furniture and possessions, and start loading them into the container, just like a giant game of Tetris!

Finished Loading

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When you have finished loading the container, you are ready to either have it moved to your new home or taken into storage. You may be waiting for your new house to be finished being built, or you are going away on vacation before moving into your new home. Whatever the reasons are, you can leave your possessions in storage for as little or long as you like. Alternatively, you can have the shipping container delivered directly to your new home and start unpacking as soon as it arrives or take your time—-it is up to you. The beauty of moving home with a shipping container is there are no time constraints, which helps to remove a lot of the stress with moving!

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