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We Offer Reliable Shipping Container Removals

Container Conversion Specialists offers shipping container removals services across all of Australia. We have a wide selection of containers that are available in a number of different sizes as well as in different configurations.

No matter what it is that you are looking to move, we have a suitable container for such a purpose. Shipping container removals and storage is what we know best. Not surprisingly, we are the number one company in Australia that offers this service.

We are 100% Australian-owned, and we also make our own shipping containers in Australia, providing jobs and investing in the economy.

You Can Ship Anything!

We offer services for shipping container removals and storage as well as modification. Our containers are suitable for shipping just about anything, and we can even supply containers, which are designed to handle and store Class 3 hazardous materials.

All of our containers suitable for hazardous materials are available in either 3 meters, or 6 meter sizes. They come equipped with a safety handle that is installed internally along with ventilation, bounded spill flooring, and stainless steel valves that can be locked and fitted under the container’s rear sill.

Of course, our containers are suitable for plenty of other purposes such as:

  • Shipping and Transporting Cars
  • Shipping Household Furniture
  • Storing Dry Goods
  • Storing Produce and Perishable Goods
  • Shipping Electronics
  • And More!

Whatever it is that you are looking to ship or store, we can provide you with a container which is going to be suitable for transporting your cargo. The contents of the container will remain safe and protected from the elements until they arrive and unloaded at their destination.

A No-Hassle Service For Shipping Container Removals

Our shipping container removals service is a quick and easy process. All you need to do is fill out our quick-quote form or give one of our friendly advisors a call. We will be able to provide you with an accurate quote, supplying you with a container suitable for your needs.

We do not tie you into a long-term, must-abide contract; and you will only pay for the container for as long as it is being used. When you are happy and choose to use our services for shipping container removals, you just need to confirm the date you want us to drop off your chosen container.

You can load this in your own time and let us know when it is ready to be picked up and where it is going to be delivered to. Then you just need to relax and wait for the arrival at its destination and unload when you are ready.

Let us know when the container is ready for collection, and we will collect at the earliest convenience, depending on your location. You will only be billed for the length of time you have our container in your possession until its collection and delivery.

Give us a call today and see how we can help take the hassle out of your next relocation. Take advantage of our shipping container removal services now!