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Open Top Containers

Open Top Containers come in different sizes namely 20ft and 20ft and or other measurements depending on requirements. We custom make this according our clients requirements.


Notable features that come with them include:

  • Wooden floors
  • Open or removable top overs
  • Meant for easy loading amongst others

Loading for this particular kind of container is done by cranes. Other loaders also use crab during the loading process. Containers are meant for all forms of easy loading and for goods that need lifting before parking. Because they miss a solid roof, they can be covered by tarpaulin or other forms that are of great benefits.

Open Top Containers are easily identified with general containers as they are the same in size and width. The only difference why they stand out is because they are used to load odd or special kind of goods. The choice of container size and requirement depends on the goods to be transported. Our staffs are of great benefit when it comes to choosing the right size for your goods. We have been in the business long enough and even with a phone call; we can still advice on the best appropriate container for whatever nature of goods. Cargoes of extra long nature are best suited for open topped.

Who would use this product?

Open Top Containers have been associated with the following shippers:

  • Oversized or extra tall cargoes
  • Delicate shipping items that require delicate handling

The above is just a few of the uses of the top opened storages facility or containers. We work with our clients in ensuring that before we give them this mode of transportation, we understand in great detail the kind of goods they wish to transport. This is because not all of these products come in a standard form. Those wishing to ship loose or awkward materials can chose to use this method of shipping.

Our exceptional open Top Containers have proved to be of great advantage to most shippers. If you seek custom made and or ideal fit containers do not look elsewhere, we will give you incredible services, rates and great professional services from the only people who understand your shipping needs like we never have. Our toll free lines are free most of the times and we will ensure that all your queries are attended to in at least 12 hours at most.

Finally our open Top Containers apart from being used for shipping services, can be used be used for storage purposes long term. We offer incredible services to a wide number of customers both international and local. Choosing to do business with us will go a long way in dictating how your goods or shipped or stored. The ease that comes with packing goods in and out of our containers is incredible. Why struggle looking for containers when we are only a call away. Our rates are quite affordable, our services incredible and our products boast of being the best quality. We will be delighted to do business with you.

The following details are the specifications for the 20′ & 40′ open top containers.


20' Open Top Container 40' Open Top Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 32.0 m3 64 m3
Max Gross Weight 21,823 kg 28,280 kg
Tare Weight 2,177 kg 4,300 kg


Length Width height
20' Open Top External 6.06 m (20') 2.44 m (8') 2.90 m (9'6")
20' Open Top Internal 5.80 m 2.29 m 2.66 m
40' Open Top External 12.19 m (40') 2.44 m (8') 2.90 m (9'6"0
40' Open Top Internal 12.00 m 2.29 m 2.66 m
Open Top Door Size 2.34 m 2.58 m