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Moving Home Using an Intermodal Shipping Container

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Moving home can be a very stressful time in our lives, so anything that we can do which can help relieve that stress can only be a good thing. One of the main reasons that people come under stress when moving is the time constraint. Everything needs to be done within a set time frame so that you can move out of your old house and into your new one. So how can we give ourselves plenty of time and remove some of this unwanted stress? One of the best ways is to use an intermodal shipping container which you can hire at your convenience and load up in plenty of time for your move.

Hiring a Shipping Container

There are a lot of options for hiring shipping containers, and the process is really quite a simple one. After receiving a quote and choosing the company you wish to deal with, usually everything can be booked over the telephone as well as making payment. You are best finding a company that does not lock you into a contract, so that you will only have to pay for the shipping container for the amount of time that you actually use it. Then you can arrange a date for this to be dropped off at your home a week or so before you actually move. You can make arrangements for the container to be collected at a specified date and time and also arrange delivery to your new home, whether it is around the corner, the other side of the city, or even interstate.

Getting Packed

As you have your shipping container ready to be packed in plenty of time before your moving day, you can start to pack all of your non-essential possessions into boxes and load these onto the shipping container. Any large furniture such as wardrobes can be dismantled and loaded as well, and you can even take down the beds and just leave the mattresses to sleep on. Work your way through each room and pack as much as you can, whilst still leaving essential items that you cannot do without before the move, such as clothes, toys, books and what have you. The more that you can get done before the day of your move, the less there will be to do on the day, which also help to relieve the amount of stress you can experience. Plan ahead and work smarter, rather than working harder! On the day of the move, you just want to have to pack the last few things that you have been using and load these onto the container in time for it to be collected and transported to your new home.

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Unloading at your New Home

When your shipping container arrives at your new home, this can be placed in a convenient position for you to start unloading all of your possessions. Just as with packing up your home, as you can keep the shipping container for as long as you want, you do not have to rush when it comes to unloading. Start unloading the essentials such as mattresses, bed linen, crockery, clothes, and food, then the rest of the contents can be unloaded at your leisure. A good plan on the day that the container arrives is to unloaded the essentials first and get these inside your new home, then work through the rest of your furniture and belongings at a pace which is not going to kill you. Do not push yourself too much, as you always have tomorrow to finish unloading. Without the pressure of time on you, moving home really can be stress free!

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