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Keeping Your Cargo Safe during Shipping

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When you are shipping cargo around the world in shipping containers, it is crucial that you pack the containers correctly to make sure the contents do not get damaged during transit. These large container vessels, which ships thousands of containers at a time can go through some very unpredictable weather, so rough voyages can be common. This means that the ship as well as your containers could be moving around a lot. Thus, you will need to make sure that the contents of your container are packed in a way as to limit their movement, thus keeping them safe from damage.


When you are shipping items which also come in packaging such as boxes, this does make the job fairly easy. All you need to do is stack the boxes across the back wall of the container, going as far up the ceiling as possible and start working your way to the doors. If your cargo is packed in its own packaging, then it is going to be sufficiently protected during shipping. You can pack the container in such a way that there is very little room for any of the boxes to move, keeping everything safe and secure. Shipping containers all come with ventilation to make sure that the cargo gets aired, but they are protected from the elements, meaning that the weather is not able to damage the contents at all.

Different Sized Cargo

If you are shipping various different items, packaged in boxes or not, you may need to think about how you pack your container a little more than if you were packing uniform boxes. You can think of this as one big game of Tetris, but you will need to make sure that all of the heavier items are packed on the bottom. When the cargo you are packing varies in both size and weight, it can take longer to pack. However, it is worthwhile taking your time when going through this process to make sure that you cargo is not only packed safely and securely for its transportation, but that you have also loaded the cargo efficiently to get as much inside as possible as this can make the shipment more cost-effective.

Odd-Shaped Cargo

Shipping containers are used to ship all different types of cargo around the world, and not everything can be packed into little boxes and loaded onto a shipping container. There are many different-shaped items that you may wish to ship in a container such as sculptures, furniture, even cars! All shipping containers can use straps to tie cargo down, so if you were shipping a car, you will not have to worry about it moving around inside the shipping container. You may not be able to get as much cargo in a container when shipping large bulky items, but it is much better than having the cargo damaged or even destroyed whilst it is being transported. If you have various things which you need to ship and are not sure about your options, you may be best getting help from the professionals. You can not only get an idea of the overall cost of shipping your container overseas, but you will also be able to get advice on how to pack your container so that nothing gets damaged during transit.