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Insulated containers

Each new day shipping takes a new turn. In catching up with the increase in shipping and transportation of foods, we have gone a long way in producing some of the durable and efficient Insulated containers in the market. These are containers that are mostly used to store, transport or ship goods that are heat sensitive. The insulation process must be done right for customers to have the full benefits of their products. Our staffs spend endless hours if research and collection to make sure that every product that leaves our factory is of the highest quality.


Insulated containers use has increased tremendously over the last few years for various reasons:

  • Delicate products like pharmaceutical products or medicines need controlled temperatures and this is what we provide for our customers.
  • Because of competition and the need to deliver customers strive to ensure that their products reach their destination in one piece.
  • Temperature sensitive products must reach their destination as required by the manufacturers.
  • Value of personal products continues to increase and people now own priceless pieces that have been passed down from generations and which must stay within the family.

One of the advantages or benefits that come with the Insulated containers is that whatever goods are stored in there is able to do so for a longer period. Harsh weather conditions does not affect them thus their preference as a storage or transportation mode in the market. Our containers are insulated using different kinds of materials and interestingly most of the goods kept in them rarely get destroyed while on transit as other kind of goods are known to do. Other benefits that come with our containers are the issue of costs. Insulated products are also provides reduction in the energy costs.

How Insulated containers are made

There are different kinds of insulating materials that are used from time to time. Our staffs before insulating a container has to listen to the customer’s requirements before giving them options of the best material to use. Somehow and or interestingly, we do not force our products on customers who come with their minds made up. First of all we must ensure that the container is airtight and we use only materials that is known to be durable and that can stand any weather condition despite long overtime use.

Lastly, Insulated containers have better environments compared to those that are plain. Insulation comes in two kinds namely:

  • Rigid insulation
  • Spray insulation

We have a very able team when it comes to insulated products. We know the damage that comes with poorly insulated materials and ensure that our customer do not undergo the same embarrassment and losses that some people have gone through from our competitor companies. How we chose the materials and method of insulation to use depends on the long term product to be used. The problem that comes with poor quality materials is what lead to discomposure and damage of property while on transit.

The following details are the specifications for the 20′ & 40′ insulated shipping containers.


20' Insulated Container 40' Insulated Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 28.3 m3 57.8 m3
Max Gross Weight 22,111 kg 26,120 kg
Tare Weight 3,290 kg 4,360 kg


Length Width height
20' Insulated External 6.06 m (20') 2.44 m (8') 2.90 m (9'6")
20' Insulated Internal 5.43 m 2.28 m 2.26 m
40' Insulated External 12.19 m (40') 2.44 m (8') 2.90 m (9'6")
40' Insulated Internal 11.49 m 2.27 m 2.20 m
Insulated Door Size 2.34 m 2.58 m