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First Aid Room Containers

First aid rooms containers are purposely designed for the construction and mining industries and other times these are also used by some educational institutions so that in case they feel the necessity for safe and comfortable onsite facilities in times some of them suffer some various types of injuries or suddenly felt sick; they shall be provided with the proper care and attention immediately.

Our first aid rooms containers come in various features including vinyl flooring, security window, air conditioner, kitchenette with cold/hot water, personnel door, are fully insulated, electrical fit out, 50L color yellow medical trash can, ABE fire extinguisher as well as 2L shapes safe wall mount. They are suited with oxygen mask that has cylinder, first aid metal cabinet, eyewash station, scoop stretcher, Samarian defibrillation unit, refrigerator, fixed patient chair, filling cabinet, office chair and desk, wall mounted storage cabinet and they are also constructed with a size of from 20’ or 40‘.

What is the product used for?

First aid rooms containers are intended to provide medical attention to employees, construction workers, students and people who are injured or sick. They are complete with basic medical supplies and first-aid-related items which can help provide injured or sick staff or students to obtain first-aid service, take medication and basic treatment to ensure safety at all times.

In addition, they are especially helpful when hospitals or clinics are distant from your campsite or the current location you are in.

Who would use this product?

First aid rooms are particularly serving people who work in construction sites, those who work in mining industries, students and others who seek first-aid medical attention.

Product Advantages / Benefits

  • First aid rooms containers are easily furnished and can be shipped from one location to another.
  • They are typically equipped with sink, fridge, innumerable medical supplies, chair, power and lighting, hot water system, reverse cycle air conditioning and many more.
  • Customers may also prefer to have their first aid rooms constructed based upon their specifications.
  • They are ready for use in very competitive prices and they are widely available across the globe.
  • Easy to install and disassemble.
  • ) First aid rooms are designed to be heavy duty and solid making them to be suitable anywhere you wish them to be installed.
  • They are actually safe for earthquake and other bad weather conditions or rough environments.
  • First aid rooms typically have a lifespan of twenty years.
  • They are designed strictly following our clients’ requirements and we are very particular about the first aid room’s shape, space, amenities, size, fitting and many more.
  • Our first aid rooms containers adhere to first-rate quality standards and codes so our clients are assured to obtain the best possible products and service once they negotiate with us.

Want to find out more?

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