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Dangerous Goods Containers

We have spent endless amount of time and research in developing our dangerous goods containers. It is important to note that special kinds of goods are only stored in Dangerous Goods Containers. This is due to Australia’s strict standards when it comes to hazardous materials. The contents in these containers are sometimes packed inside steel shelving to avoid slipping or tumbling over while the dangerous goods are in storage.

Potentially hazardous goods or chemicals pose a great threat if not stored correctly. Minimizing the risks are our greatest and best service we can offer our customers through production of our Dangerous Goods Containers.

Most countries around the world have different requirements regarding shipment and storage of such goods. We ensure that as a container company we understand in great detail storage laws of such goods. Our containers are built to Australian Standards to store Class 3 hazardous materials. Our staff know the dangers that come with shipment of any dangerous goods.

Dangerous Goods Containers are normally used to store:

  • Gases
  • Cylinders
  • Chemicals
  • Detergents
  • Different kinds of flammable liquids

All our containers used to store these materials have appropriate signage marked on them. This ensures that even while on transit mistakes are not made in mixing them with other products or exposing people to them without the right safety precautions. Hazardous materials pose a great danger to both nature and human beings if not stored in the right manner. Our Dangerous Goods Containers have addressed the issue of damage to humans, nature and fauna by how they are made. Our containers are fully ventilated with internal safety handles and non-spark steel mesh.

Our containers come in different sizes and are available in 10’, 20’ and 40’ units. You can trust our support team to provide great service and advice when it comes to production of these special kinds of containers.

We construct our containers to the highest quality and are privy of ensuring that no leaks pass through the floors of our containers. This we do by bunding our entire floor. The bunded floor holds any spills of chemicals and can hold thousands of litres before it is full. The bund can be emptied by the releasing the stainless steel valve at the back of the container and draining it safely. The spark free mesh flooring can then be removed to clean the bund of any access residue. If you’re in need of storing liquids, petrol or any mode of dangerous goods, you too can trust us to provide you will quality products that will not cause unnecessary problems.